Security Logistics

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Effective security management starts with planning. Communication fosters confidence. First –we listen to you.

Each project is as unique as the client. Many, many hours of preparation are logged in designing the security program tailored to your needs and requests. Thorough threat assessment is the foundation upon which we build custom security measures. Research, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering are merely the beginning of an exhaustive process to ensure your safety. Information is one of the most powerful things in our arsenal. Old-fashioned legwork is enhanced by access to a worldwide intelligence network through our strategic partner GEO Risk Analysis.  By identifying vulnerabilities, we are forearmed for action. Creativity plays a role in running scenarios to anticipate possible critical incidents.

We respond, not react.

The result is a solid operation that appears seamless to those we protect, but is a masterfully engineered program focused on keeping you, your family and your assets safe.

Coordinating travel in unfamiliar cities or areas is facilitated by CW Prince with special vehicle requests from clients.  We also supply adjunct security for clients who have permanent security details. We provide extra security personnel for travel, situations that require a complement to existing resources; including agents and drivers familiar with specific locales and interpreters.

High Value Transports

Transit presents the greatest threat for attack. Nearly 80% of attacks occur during travel, short and long-distance, since it is the most difficult to secure.  Case studies confirm that movement creates vulnerability. A skilled driver is essential. If you stop the driver, you stop the vehicle. This can be an overlooked component of security. The security driver has many responsibilities, including surveillance and detection before and after the transport.  The boat captain, driver or pilot is not just a chauffer, but an integral member of your security team.


C.W. Prince secure air transportation is provided by EastCoast Flight.