Executive Protection

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Executive Protection, also referred to as Close Personal Protection, is most commonly required in the United States and abroad for corporate and family clients.  Protocols are based on the client needs and threat risk. Every Executive Protection team consists of either an Emergency Medical Technician or a Paramedic to accompany the group in the event emergency medical care needs to be rendered.


Family: Family details require close interaction with people of all ages. Maintaining adequate security without interfering with the daily activities of family members and staff can be a delicate balance. Safety of children is the biggest concern and kidnapping is the highest security risk. The best way to deal with kidnapping is to prevent it. Keeping loved ones out of harm’s way is vigilance and creativity.  From school, shopping, dance classes and doctor appointments, the family environment is in constant flux.  Your assigned agents become a shadow family member, only seen when needed, but a permanent shield for those you love.

Corporate:  Typically more structured than family details, business clients have schedules that dictate punctuality.  Agents must blend in with propriety and decorum with dress and speech, providing protection and facilitating the successful completion of the day in any way possible.  International travel presents its own set of security challenges with changing environments in aviation, hotels and other public venues. In many cases, the agent becomes a “right-hand-man” while maintaining the highest level of protection.


Site Security

Often too lax, safeguarding a physical plant is the first deterrent in an attack.  CW Prince has a three-pronged approach.

  1. Outer perimeter deterrent: Cameras obvious to the observer, fences, blockades, highly lit areas, landscaping that is aesthetic, but designed as site security, and most importantly the presence of guards. We want an attacker to hesitate and reconsider his intentions
  2. The building itself: Increase the difficulty of entering a location and slow down a possible attack on the structure with blockades, proper locks and security system. Here technology plays a critical part.


Internal security and personnel:  Know whom you employ and insure that they are worthy of trust.  Your greatest risk may be an internal breach.  Guards, locks, key cards, camera systems and proper training are you last line of defense. The benefits of precaution cannot be overstated.

Explosive detection K-9’s are also available through CW Prince. These K-9’s can be utilized for event security or executive protection depending on the threat level.


Supplemental Services

For those companies that already have a security detail, CW Prince can supplement the team when traveling abroad. Our agents can speak the language and are familiar with the culture and surroundings. Our cyber intelligence and on-the-ground intelligence group gives CW Prince an advantage over other companies in the security field. This is accomplished by obtaining real-time knowledge of security threats.


24/7 Global Command Center

Our analysts provide accurate information regarding reported situations as requested by the clients. We are committed to high quality standards, ready for any deployment worldwide.


Maritime Security

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