Cyber Intelligence

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Eighty percent of our range of services are dedicated to intelligence, which we usually collect from our sources onsite, mostly MENA and Central America, and after a comprehensive internal analysis, we provide our own reports, categorized by their sensitivity, to be delivered to Governments and Private Companies as well.

We pay a special attention to terrorist organizations that will affect directly American National Security.

Below you will see some items we generally use for the scope of Intelligence services we provide:

  • Identifying all tier cyber platforms where insider intelligence is released, including: Al-Qaida web forums.
  • Identifying and monitoring cyber actors who adhere to this ideology, and in what domains (whether they care about militancy and weaponry, cyber terrorism and hacktivism, anti-Western, radical religious jurisprudence, etc.). Keeping an eye on these actors keeps the up to date with what these guys know and what possible information they would release may be valuable.
  • Identifying social networking platforms where insider intelligence is released (official accounts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).
  • Keeping track of all official and non-official media released by top, middle and low tier terrorist groups and individual sympathizers.

CW Prince established a searchable database for all material that we come across. This database would serve as a collection of every release ever issued by every group, divided geographically by location.


CW Prince uses top technology for identifying keywords in multiple languages. Our data base has the functionality of advance search options in order to be able to locate a file instantly. This will help us to go back and check on a specific file, search by name of individuals, name of groups, dates of release, names of locations, words that exist only in certain languages or dialects, etc.

Our Analysts maintain confidentiality. Browsing the many cyber channels where intelligence is gathered, their identities must remain a secret. Analysts use proxy software and firewalls, and use fake names or avatars to block their identity.

CW Prince creates monthly reports identifying top trends, geographically and/or by issue. Meaning, new issues and trends evolve depending on changes in one location or another, depending on policy in certain countries, depending on any or many changes in the jihadi world.

Using linguists with exceptional cultural backgrounds for monitoring all these activities, and utilizing their linguistic abilities to decipher certain chatter or be able to listen in on certain chatter and be able to understand the information and relay this information in a clear manner for the audience.

CW Prince becomes familiar with terror groups’ ideology and key issues. Some key issues remain key issues, and terrorist leaders spark a lot of havoc and grab attention by speaking about certain issues that emotionally trigger the audience. For example, Jerusalem is always a topic that will be brought up to trigger emotions.

CW Prince will keep an eye for trending issues outside the normal domains.